Our Pies

Die deutsche Übersetzung erscheint in Kürze.

The German version of this page will soon be available.


Our pies are lovingly made to be a chalice of pleasure. We only use the best ingredients in our pies. Many are locally sourced. All our meat is extremely lean and has been thoroughly trimmed. Our vegetables have been scrubbed and all the peel has been removed. Taste the difference!


  • 1  pie is 12 CHF
  • 4 pies are 44 CHF
  • 6 pies are 60 CHF
  • Additional pies are 10 CHF each

Payment Methods:

We accept cash and the following cards:

Collection by appointment in Schwyz is free. This also applies to collection on Saturday mornings 8am to noon at our market stand in Zug.

Postage and Packing: (Coming Soon)


  • Fridge – Pies will remain fresh for several days.
  • Freezer – Our pies freeze very well.  The day before reheating them they should be defrosted over night in the fridge.


Our pies are cooked and can be enjoyed cold, for example on a picnic or when out on an adventure. We prefer them reheated.  Preheat the oven to 160°C then reheat the pies for about 25 minutes until they have heated through. ( We don’t recommend warming them in the Microwave).